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Here’s how it works…I’m linking you up to my internet finds for the week, with a ‘because’ for why I’ve chosen them.

Then it’s your turnshare with me what good stuff you’ve unearthed on the world wide web this week!

Happy surfing!

Because… we must be forerunners in the world, on the cutting edge of valuing all people…male AND female…and work to create an understanding of the enormous blessing of bringing up girls…and stop speaking negative words.

I’m Not Afraid to Raise Daughters – The Gospel Coalition Blog

Because… I continue to be amazed at the wonderful uses of essential oils, and never knew many of them, and simply find it to be helpful information!
Because… even when I don’t agree with him, I appreciate Rob Bell and his works.  They make me think, re-think and own my beliefs…and because I think it’s rather silly how anxious people always are to slam him without even reading his work.
Because… I think *every* daddy should ‘date’ his daughter… (and I even wish my daddy were still living, because I’d *totally* use this as an excuse to get him to take me to Chick-Fil-A!)
Because… faith is a journey, and questions are healthy and good…and yet Truth still does exist, and we must live it.
Because… yeah, this one just hit home and made me chuckle.  While in hindsight it can seem kinda embarrassing, much of this was the reality of my youth (and even my early married days…since I was basically still a ‘youth’ at that point!)
Because… I think it’s time to take a look at what it means to be Christian women in the world today (you can see my thoughts about feminism here), and there are important conversations happening about this topic.
And lastly…
Because… I love Pinterest… (my 3 fav pins for the week…ok, I couldn’t narrow it to 3…and therein is the dark side of Pinterest)…
Oh, yes…so true!  (See above link to Rob Bell)  😉


Felt like this all week…


100% Truth for me…(don’t tell my hubby) 😉

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest


I really, REALLY want this…


Simply…”Yes and Amen”…

(Hmmm…just a random observation…I venture to say, this may be one of the few blogs that you’ll find links applauding both the Gospel Coalition AND Rob Bell in the same post!!)  😉

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  1. You really want to know everything I’ve checked out this week? Ok, here are my top 4:

    Blown away by this girl on American Idol – I actually learned about her because I work for a local Christian radio station and she’s from our area. Not only is she talented but the lyrics in this song she wrote really resonated with me

    Next – a blog post by an online friend of mine. Their family is going through some stuff and he wrote this letter to his 2nd oldest son. Every kid should know these things – they are loved, they are acknowledged, they are valued…

    Human trafficking is a HUGE issue in our culture, and yet it seems that very few know the true nature behind this insidious disease rotting away our core. Such as – there are more people enslaved today than at the height of slavery before the civil war, and its not just in the sex industry either. Not For Sale helps businesses know their product and make sure that things are done ethically as well as helping people get out.

    And finally a blogpost by a dear friend of mine. I cannot believe how she faces all the things her family has gone through. Only Jesus… Her post on facing life in a waiting room… I’ll let her speak for herself:

    Okay that’s my top 4 for the week… now I need to go check out Jessi’s (well the ones I haven’t already looked at…)

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