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Welcome back to Saturday Surfin’…where I give you some of my favs from the net, and the ‘Because’ of why I think them share-worthy.

Because… we have so-stinkin’-much-to-learn!!  If you don’t click the link (and I hope you do!), please at least read this paragraph from this amazing post…

The good news is that there’s grace, even for us self-righteous Pharisees convinced we know what the kingdom of heaven is really all about. The question is, do we have the humility and courage to accept it on God’s terms, instead of our own? Embracing the kingdom is going to mean embracing a lot of people we may not like or understand, people who are different than us, people we don’t consider good or obedient or kind enough to represent Jesus, people whose way of life feels like a threat or affront to our own.

Read the whole thing here…  “The missionaries brought the Bread of Life, but we choked on the packaging.” | Jenny Rae Armstrong

Because…I am so organizationally challenged, and these are some fan-freakin’-tastic ideas that I MUST do!!

52 Totally Feasible Ways To Organize Your Entire Home

Because… I’m still trying to figure out how to make this work, and maybe you are too?

The Secret to Having It All? Work from Home | Her.meneutics |

 Because… while I love the Church, I think we must continue adapting.

Churches: Take a Lesson from the Postal Service | Her.meneutics |

Because… I’m *still* trying to tap into the full life-changing capabilities of my smartphone, and this was helpful…

Some of my favorite apps | Simple Mom

Because… sometimes we *need* to think about what the realities are in relation to what we tout…do you REALLY mean what you are saying?

Women in the Church: An Anecdote on Submission – Synerchomai

Because…  I definitely swing to the far opposite of any “Doomsday Prepper” mentality, but I think Jenny had some great insights, that actually made me stop and think.

Doomsday Preppers: Fact of Fiction? — Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

Because…  I think the questions at the end of this post are vital for EVERY Christian to ask themselves.

Eulogizing the Emergent Church and Defining a Missional Movement | Chris Morton

Because… this is a MUCH needed conversation, and one I will continue to participate in, and highlight on this space.

The F-Word: Why Feminism Is Not the Enemy

Because… for the very same reason I just said…here’s what you can look forward to next week…I’m participating in Feminisms Fest!

when we are hosting feminisms fest | see preston blog

Because… lastly, as you know… I love Pinterest.

Because I think we need to hear this about ten times as often as we hear every complaint or accusation…


Because this makes me laugh EVERY time I see it!!


Because I JUST.CAN’T.WAIT!!! :)




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    • Thank you, Chris for helping to bring some wording to the phases we ourselves have walked through, most of the time totally unaware, until after the fact, that many other churches were walking the same roads, and that, hey!, there are even labels for this stuff! :)

  1. Jessica, thanks for the mention. This post on women and submission has already become the 4th most visited of the entire blog. I’m surprised, because it’s just a true story with a few innocent questions…

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